January 2009



Crayon holder – Store crayons in tins.

Crayon holder

Lifetime words – Store high frequency words in tins.

Lifetime words

Word play – Place magnetic letters in a tin and use for making words on the lid.

Word play



Magic wand – Cover a cardboard roller from a pants hanger with foil. Dip one end in glue and roll in glitter to make a magic wand.

Pointer – Glue small toys or seasonal objects to the end of cardboard rollers to make pointers.


Extra! Extra! – Children choose a picture and write a new caption and story to go with it.

Highlighters – Children use highlighters to find letters, words, parts of speech, punctuation, etc. Relate skills you are working on.

Book covers – Use funny pages or other parts of the newspaper to make covers for books.

Pony – Roll up 3 sheets of newspaper and tape to make the stick for your pony. Draw a horse’s head on a lunch sack and stuff with paper. Tape the head to your stick and ride away!



Collages – Cut up old wrapping paper to make collages.

Pencil holder – Glue wrapping paper to cans to make a pencil holder.

Necklace – Cut ½” triangles from wrapping paper and roll around a pencil. Glue ends. String on yarn to make a necklace.

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