January 2009



Weights – Put 1 lb. of dry beans in a ½ gallon jug. Make a label that says “2Tons” and tape to the jug. Children can use these like weights.


Funnel – Cut the top off a milk jug as shown. Use as a funnel in the water table or sandbox. Use the bottom for a pail.


Measurement – Give each child a cup, pint, quart, ½ gallon, and gallon dairy container. Let them experiment in the water table to find out how many cups in a pint, pints in a quart, cups in a quart, and so forth.

Games – Cut a 4” circle from the side of a gallon jug Cut 3” squares from poster board. Write words, letters, numerals, shapes, etc. on the squares. Put a “joke” sticker (skunk, bee, monster) on several of the squares. Place the squares in the jug face down. Children take turns selecting cards and identifying the information. If they choose the joke card they must put all their pieces back.


Bunny – Cut part of the jug off as shown. Add a bunny face and ears. Fill with plastic grass and use like an Easter basket. You can also put 1” of dirt in the bottom. Sprinkle with grass seed. Water and set in a sunny place and observe. You’ll have some real grass that will look like the bunny is growing hair!

Critter cage – Cut the sides off a ½ gallon jug. Insert the jug in an old pair of hose. Add a few leaves and sticks. Catch critters and fasten the top with a bread tie. Observe and then let your critter free.

Ice House – Collect milk jugs for several weeks and then use them like giant blocks of ice to make an igloo.

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