January 2009



Weaving – Children can weave bits of string, yarn, and ribbon through the berry baskets. Hang in a tree for birds to build nests.

Sorting – Let children sort plastic animals, crayons, or pictures in baskets.

Bubble blower – Dip the end of a basket in bubble solution. Swish through the air.

Printing – Dip baskets in paint and print on paper.


Painting trays – Use to hold paint for art projects.

Picture frames – Cut paper to fit in the bottom. Children draw pictures and glue in the pans. Punch a hole and add string for hanging.

Picture frame

Housekeeping – Cut out pictures of food from magazines and tape in the bottom of pie pans to use like play food.


Tin pan band – Let children use pie pans, cardboard rollers, and other recycled materials to make musical instruments.

Tin Pan Band



Big books – Cut the front and back panels from paper grocery sacks and use for making class books. Glue fast food sacks to pages to make a book called “We Eat.” When talking about fast foods, take advantage of the “teachable moment” by discussing why it is not good to eat fast foods all the time. Make book called “Yum! Yum! For My Body and Tum!” with healthy food choices.

big Books

Costumes – Cut a large circle from the bottom of the sack and smaller circles from the sides. Children can decorate with markers, paints, or crayons and wear like costumes. Cut a slit up the front to make a vest.


Story house – Staple the bottom flap of the sack to make a pocket. Fold down the top corners and staple to make a roof. Decorate the front to look like a house, castle, barn, etc. Make stick puppets and store them in the pocket on the back.

Story house

Backpack – Cut an arch from the front of the sack as shown. Trim off the excess from the sides and back. Fold down the front flap and add a small strip of Velcro. Staple on straps made out of fabric scraps. Let children decorate with markers, crayons, stickers, etc.

Portfolio – Follow directions above. Keep flat and save samples of children’s work. Use for a “poetry portfolio” or for creative writing.


Puppet – Children can use the bottom of the sack to make the head of a favorite book character, animal, or famous person. Decorate the rest of the body with paper scraps, markers, etc. Tie on a piece of string and wear around the neck like a body puppet.


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