January 2009



Remove labels from plastic bottles. (If there is sticky glue you can use Goo Gone or simply cover with clear packaging tape.) Glue the lids on with a hot glue gun or Super Glue.

Stress – Fill bottle with water. Add several teaspoons of crayon shavings and shake.


Bubbles – Fill ½ full with water. Add a drop of dish detergent and a few drops of food coloring and shake.


Mud – Put ½ cup dirt in a bottle. Fill with water. Shake and observe as the dirt settles.


Wave – Fill 2/3 full with water. Add a drop of food coloring. Fill to the top with vegetable oil or baby oil. Slowly rotate the bottle on its side to make waves.


Holiday – Pour ½ cup clear corn syrup in the bottle. Add seasonal glitter or small toys. Make birthday bottles for children with birthday glitter.


Sound – You will need 4 bottles. Add dry beans, rice, paper clips, popcorn kernels, salt, or other items to the bottles. Cover with socks. Children shake bottles and try to identify objects by sound. Remove bottles to confirm predictions.


Friction – Cut or tear tissue paper into ½” pieces. Add to a bottle. Rub briskly against hair or sweater.


Can you find? - Fill a bottle half way with salt or sand. Add small toys and shake. Children try to identify the objects.

Can you find?

Glitter – Fill a bottle with water. Add food coloring and glitter.


Jeepers peepers – Fill a bottle ½ full with hair gel. Add googly eyes.


Family bottle – Parents help their child cut out pictures of family members and put them in a bottle. Add other small objects that are special to the child.


Magnetic bottle – Fill a bottle half way with grits or rice. Insert paper clips, pins, nails, and other objects that a magnet will attract. Use a magnetic wand to attract objects.


Finger fun – Put cotton balls, clothespins, pom poms, or other small objects in a bottle. Challenge the children to remove them and then put them back in.

Finger Fun

Estimation – Fill bottles with toys, classroom objects, nuts, shells, etc. Children estimate and then count.


Color, letter, concept – Put objects of the same color or beginning sound in a bottle. Create bottles for classroom units of study, such as an arctic bottle, or dessert bottle.

Color, letter, concept

Beach bottle – Put ½ cup sand in a bottle. Add some shells and fill half way with water. Squirt in blue food coloring. Make a small fish from Styrofoam.

Beach bottle

Seasonal – Add silk flowers, autumn leaves, holly leaves and berries, etc. to bottles.


Air tanks – Take two liter bottles and fill half way with water. Tape bottles together. Add shoulder straps so children can wear.

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