January 2009



Game pieces – Save bottle caps and use them for game pieces or for tic-tac-toe. (Visit theschoolbell.com for great board games you can adapt to skills you are working on.)

Game Pieces

Sorting – Collect bottle caps in a plastic container. Challenge children to sort them. Can they sort them another way? Which group has the most? Least?


Patterns – Let children make patterns with bottle caps. What kind of pattern is it?


Counting – Children can count bottle caps, make sets in muffin pans, etc.


Crafts – Use bottle caps for collages, picture frames, and other art projects.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS (margarine tubs, yogurt, etc.)

Trash bin – Place tubs on tables for children to use for trash. Choose a “helper” to empty these at the end of each day.

Turtle – Turn a margarine tub into a pull toy. Trace around the bottom of the container on felt. Draw a head, feet, and tail on the felt. Cut out and glue to the bottom of the tub. Punch a hole in the head and tie on string for pulling.


Sand toys – Punch holes in the bottoms of yogurt cups. Use like sieves in the sand and water table.

Sorting – Let children sort buttons, coins, shells, beans, etc.

Art supplies – Store craft materials in plastic containers. Label with the word and picture.

Art Supplies

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