January 2009


Trashable to Teachable!
March, 2010

Bottles and paper and cans, oh, my!
We can recycle if we try.
Trash to treasure is the way
With books, toys, and games to play.


You can create great games, books, and materials for your classroom by recycling items commonly put in the trash. You’ll also be modeling some powerful “green” behaviors for your students!

Make a list of items you would like the parents to save for you at home. (See letter, "Save List," on next page.) Create your own little recycling center in your classroom by labeling plastic bins where children can sort the objects that they bring in.

Check out these websites for other recycling ideas. Each item is a link to a site:


kidinventorsday.com (January 17)

YouTube Postings - Fingerplays - We first posted these links in January. As of February 28, more than 6,600 people had viewed at least one of the Finger Plays videos. Since almost 50,000 people visit Dr. Jean's site each month, we decided to leave the links up for a little more time.

Dr. Jean and Dr. Holly collaborated to produce some videos demonstrating fingerplays. Click the following titles to see the videos on YouTube.

Finger Plays with Dr Jean I

Finger Plays with Dr Jean II

Finger Plays with Dr Jean III

Finger Plays with Dr Jean IV

Finger Plays with Dr Jean V

Downloads for March - We have two PowerPoints, Month Hop and Country Countdown as well as a downloadable note for parents. Just use the Downloads button in the menu to the left.

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