January 2009



Stilts – You will need two large coffee cans and rope or strong twine. Punch two holes opposite each other in the tops of both cans. Insert the rope through the holes and knot so children can hold them at their waist as they walk.


Storage – Use cans to store art materials, game pieces, etc.

Juice can phone – Punch a hole in the bottoms of two juice cans. Thread string through the two holes and knot. Children take turns holding the cans to their ear or speaking.


Forms – Let children fill out forms that come in the mail or other inserts.

Catalogs – Use catalogs for art projects, games, and for making puppets.

Stamps – Recycle used stamps into pins, book covers, etc.

Predictable books – Let children use junk mail and catalogs to make books, such as “I like…” “I want…” “I can read…”


Cards – Cut the fronts off old greeting cards and glue them to construction paper to make new cards.


Rubbings – Make crayon rubbings with cards that have a relief.


Sewing cards – Hole punch the edges to make sewing cards.


Creative writing – Children write original sayings for cards.



Brain sprinkles – Add a spoonful of rice and cover with paper. Glue on the lid and write “brain sprinkles” on the front.

Brain sprinkles

Bounce and catch – Children hold a can and bounce and catch a tennis ball in it.

Bounce and catch

Bank – Cut a slit in the top. Children can count out poker chips or coins and insert them in the slot.


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