January 2009



Join our green team! We are constantly trying to model positive attitudes about our environment for our students. We encourage them to help us conserve energy, reduce what we use, and recycle materials.

You can help us by saving some of the items below. We will recycle them into books, games, art projects, and learning materials.
Please wash the containers and remove any food particles. (For safety reasons, no glass or items with sharp edges.)

margarine tubs milk jugs
bottle caps
coffee cans
paper grocery sacks
paper towel rolls
plastic water bottles
shoe boxes
wallpaper scraps
fabric scraps
wrapping paper scraps
greeting cards
old magazines, junk mail, catalogs
juice cans
wood scraps
empty spray bottles
string, yarn, buttons, sewing notions
cardboard boxes
Styrofoam packing
miscellaneous plastic spoons, cups, straws

Just ask yourself, “Is there another life for this?”


You can download this Save List and make copies to send home.

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