January 2009




Paint easel – Cut two 20” x 24” panels from a box. Tape at the top. Punch holes in the sides and tie on string so it can stand up on a table like an easel. Use clothes pins to attach paper to the top.

Paint easel

Flannel board – Follow the directions for making a easel. Glue felt to one side to make a flannel board.

Flannel board

Cutting caboose – Cut one side off a large box. Place on the floor so it looks like a train car. Cut a door in one side. Tie scissors to the box and fill with scrap paper, junk mail, etc. Children can sit in the “caboose” and cut and tear til their heart’s content!

Book club house – Cut a door and windows out of a large appliance box. Let children decorate like a clubhouse with paints or markers. Fill with books and pillows for a special reading area.

Clip board – Cut 9” x 12” sections from corrugated cardboard. Attach a butterfly clip at the top and use it like a clip board. If you laminate a sheet of paper you can attach it and use like a wipe off board.

Clip board


Kazoo – Cut in half. Punch a hole in one end. Cover the other end with wax paper held in place with a rubber band. Hold by your mouth and hum a tune.


Party favor – Insert candy and little toys inside a roll. Wrap in tissue paper and tie with ribbon at the ends.

Party favor

Microphone – Cover with aluminum foil. Wad up black tissue paper and glue in one end. Add a sticker so you can adjust the volume.


Windsock – Glue strips of tissue paper to one end. Punch holes in the other end and tie on string.

Binoculars – Cut a paper towel roll in half. Tape the two halves together. Punch holes in the end and tie on string so you can wear around your neck. Decorate with markers.


Rhythm sticks – Let children decorate two paper towel rolls with markers. Tap together or beat gently on a table to make noise.

Rhythm sticks

Take home tote – Children can roll up paintings and other projects and insert them in paper towel rolls to carry home safely.

Take home tote

People puppets – Cut rolls in half. Glue on photos or children or people from catalogs to make puppets.

People puppets

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