Mystery Sound

Purpose:    auditory discrimination
                  sensory awareness

Materials:   several plastic bottles
                   old socks
                   rice, dried beans, popcorn kernels,
                   macaroni noodles

Directions:   Fill each bottle with 1/2 cup of one of the items listed above.  Place each bottle in an old sock.  The children can shake the bottles and try to identify what is inside the bottle.  Let them remove the bottles from the socks to verify their predictions. 

Variations:    Make sound bottles for older children.  Number the bottles, and then have children number a sheet of paper and write down what they think is in each bottle.
        Make two bottles of each item. Mix up the bottles, and then challenge children to match up ones with the same sound.

Smelly Bottle

Purpose:      sensory awareness
                    odor recognition

Materials:    plastic bottle
                    large nail

Directions:    Poke holes around the sides of the bottle with a nail.  Pour 2 cup of potpourri in the bottle and screw on the lid.  Shake up the bottle to activate the smell.

Variations:     Make other smelly bottles by putting a few drops of extracts (lemon, strawberry) and flavored oil (coconut, baby) on cotton balls and placing them in bottles.  Screw on the lids.  Children shake the bottle, open, smell, and then screw the lid back on.  (Hint!  Water bottles with retractable spouts work well.)