Estimation Bottle

Purpose:     estimation

Materials:    plastic bottle
                   small objects, such as marbles, candy,
                   erasers, pennies, crayons, etc.

Directions:    Place one of the objects above in the bottle.  Vary the amount according to the ability of your students.  Pass the bottle around and let each child “estimate” how many.  Dump out the contents and count the objects together.  Who guessed more?  Who guessed less?  Who was the closest?

Variations:   Use this idea for a classroom party.  Put candy or other small items in the bottle.  The one with the closest guess can pass out the goodies to their friends.

Let children have a turn taking the “estimation bottle” home and filling it with the help of their parents.

Celebrate “100 Day” by having each child make a bottle with 100 objects.

Number Generator Bottle

Purpose:     numeral recognition

Materials:    plastic bottle
                   small dice
                   food coloring

Directions:    Fill the bottle 2/3 full with water and add a few drops of food coloring.  Drop in one or two dice and glue on the lid.  Children shake up the bottle and then hold it up.  Have them identify the number on the dice, add them up, etc. 

Variations:    Make two bottles.  Each child takes a bottle and shakes it up.  The one with the largest amount gets a point.  If they get the same amount, they both get a point.