I Spy Bottle

Purpose:       visual discrimination

Materials:      plastic bottle
                     sand, salt, or rice
                     5-10 small toys or objects (crayon, eraser,
                     hair bow, penny, counting bear, etc.)

Directions:    Fill the bottle 2/3 full with sand or salt.  Drop the toys and other items into the bottle and glue on the lid.  Shake to hide the objects.  How many things can the children “spy” in the bottle?  Have them draw pictures or write down all the objects that they see.

Variations:     Make holiday bottles with Halloween toys,
                      conversation hearts, spring things, etc.
                      Put magnetic letters or numerals in a bottle for
                      children to “spy.”
                      Write words on cardboard and put them in the

Jeepers Peepers

Purpose:      observation

Materials:     plastic bottles
                    wiggly eyes (20-30)
                    hair gel

Directions:   Fill the bottle 4/5 full with hair gel.  Add wiggly eyes and shake to distribute them.

Variations:   Use all black eyes and one red eye.  Can children find which one is different?

Seasonal Bottle

Purpose:      observation

Materials:     plastic bottles
                    autumn leaves, holly and pine needles, silk flowers

Directions:    To make an autumn bottle, place 5-8 colorful leaves in the bottle.  Fill with water.  Observe the leaves as they change colors and decay.

                     To make a winter bottle, place holly leaves and pine needles in a bottle of water.  Add a little iridescent glitter or silver glitter to look like snow.

Spring bottles can be made by placing silk flowers in water.