Magnetic Bottle

Purpose:        exploration
                      magnetic attraction

Materials:      plastic bottle
                     grits or rice
                     18” string
                     variety of small objects magnets will attract, such
                     as pins, nails, paper clips, toys, etc.

Directions:    Fill the bottle 2/3 full with grits or rice.  Put in the different objects and then glue on the lid.  Tie one end of the string to the neck of the bottle and tie the  magnet to the other end.  Move the magnet along the side of the bottle to attract the objects. 

Variations:     Put paper clips in a bottle and fill it with water.  Let the children attract the paper clips through the water with a magnet.
                      Put small magnetic letters in a bottle.

Static Electricity Bottle

Purpose:       observation
                     static electricity

Materials:     plastic bottle
                     tissue paper

Directions:   Tear the tissue paper into little pieces and put it in the bottle.  Also break up the Styrofoam into small pieces and put it in the bottle. 

Glue on the lid.  Briskly stroke the bottle on the carpet, your hair, or a wool sweater.  What happens?

Variations:     Cut tissue paper into the shape of butterflies or birds.  It will look like they are flying!