Yeah! It's February! Here are some great ideas to add a little sparkle to your classroom. I remembered a "King Kong" rhyme I did with children years ago. I put it "on the shelf" because kids didn't know who King Kong was. It just goes to show you, if you hold onto something it will be a "treasure" sooner or later. The children I have shared it with this month have gone "ape" over it! You'll also find some other rhymes to use for shared reading or children's poetry folders.

There are several new books that you can download to add to your collection. "Kiss Your Brain!" is a song that Mar Harmon wrote for me a few years ago. Several people have requested activities for vowels, so there is a "Vowel Song" that goes to the tune of "Where Is Thumbkin?" "The Vowel Family" can be sung to the tune of "BINGO" and is perfect for short vowel sounds. Thanks, once again, to Sandy Elsasser for creating these.

Best of all, you'll find some fantastic projects to make with recycled plastic bottles. Many teachers have seen these at my workshops and asked for MORE! The things you can do with recycled bottles are limited only by your imagination. They are open-ended and provide hands-on experiences for children of all ages. (I've had mine on the coffee table for the past few weeks and everyone from my toddler grandson to my husband can't resist picking them up!) They're useful for reinforcing science skills, math, small motor skills, literacy, and classroom management! WOW! Sounds like a miracle, doesn't it?