MORE Camp K Ideas
from Lake Tahoe and Oklahoma!

Many teachers who attended Camp K in Lake Tahoe and in Okalahoma this summer gave me wonderful ideas to share with everyone. Wiggle Worm below is an example of what they offered. The pdf file you can download has all of their great ideas. Check the Downloads link at the left to get a pdf file of Camp K Ideas

wiggle giggle wiggle

Wiggle Worm (By Jennie Butterfield)

Have you seen the wiggle worm,
smaller than a tiny germ,
though he has a great big appetite.

Though he isn’t very big,
he eats more than any pig,
always looking for someone to bite.


Never wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
Never giggle, giggle, giggle.
Better squash the wiggle worm
Before he gets a chance to squirm.
At your school on Monday
At your home any day
Fight off that wiggle worm!

I was sitting in my seat,
sitting still and being sweet
when I saw him crawling on my shoe.
Oh, no, “Wiggle worm don’t bother me.
It will be a catastrophe.
So I kicked him out of my school!”



You can download a pdf file with six pages of Camp K Ideas. (12KB)

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