Razzle Dazzle Reading Centers-


Read the Room

Skills: environmental print; high frequency words
Materials: empty glasses frames, pointers
Directions: Children wear the glasses and walk around the room pointing at words as they read them.
Hint! Toys or seasonal objects can be glued to a wooden dowel or cardboard pants hanger to make a pointer.
More! Two children can do this activity. One can be the “teacher” and point to words and the other can be the “student” and read them.

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Write the Room

Skills: letters; high frequency words; environmental print
Materials: clipboard, empty glass frames, pencils, highlighters, paper
Directions: Children walk around the room and write words they can read on the clipboard.
More! Write a seasonal word vertically on the paper. Children find a word that starts with each letter.
Children write the letters in the alphabet and try to find a word for each letter.

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Magnetic Magic!

Skills: phonics; high frequency words
Materials: magnetic letters (from dollar stores, school supply stores, etc.), cookie sheet
Directions: Children can make and read simple CVC words with magnetic letters on the cookie sheet. They can also practice reproducing their names, high frequency words, spelling words, or vocabulary words with magnetic letters.
Hint! You can also use burner covers for the stove or a file cabinet for magnetic magic.
More! Glue magnetic letters to jumbo craft sticks. Children can use these to match letters on classroom print. They can also choose letters, then find something in the room beginning with that sound.

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