Razzle Dazzle Reading Centers-



Skills: visual matching; visual memory
Materials: poster board cut in 3” squares, stickers, markers
Directions: Put like stickers on two of the squares. Start with 5 pairs. Shuffle up the cards and ask the children to match the ones that are the same. Next, shuffle the cards and place them face down on the floor or table. Each child turns over two cards at a time. If they match, the child may keep them and have another turn. If they don’t match, the child turns them over and the next player has a turn.
Hint! Start with 5 pairs and add more to make the game increasingly difficult.
More! Make pairs with rhyming pictures, upper and lowercase letters, sets and numerals, etc.
Use seasonal or holiday stickers to make concentration cards

Letters in the Bag

Skills: letter recognition; environmental print
Materials: sacks from restaurants, foam letters
Directions: Place letters to be found on the bag inside the bag. Children take the foam letters and match them up with those on the outside of the bag.
More! Give children a bag of foam letters and ask them to spell their name and make other words they can read.

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Pull, Predict, and Read

Skills: blending sounds; high frequency words
Materials: sentence strips cut in 13” pieces, security envelopes, marker
Directions: Seal the envelopes, and then cut off the left end as shown. Write words on the sentence strips. Insert in the envelopes. Children pull out one letter at a time, blending the sounds and trying to read the word.

Use this format for matching words and pictures or math facts and answers.

Make a longer sleeve by rolling up a sheet of construction paper. Write sentences on sentence strips and encourage children to practice fluency with these.

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