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Letter Links

Skills: phonics; high frequency words
Materials: unifix cubes, sharpie marker, dot stickers, word cards (names of classmates, word wall words, vocabulary words, etc.)
*You can actually purchase the cubes with letters, but it works just as well to make your own.
Directions: Attach a dot sticker to each cube and write a letter on the dot with the sharpie marker. Children link the cubes together to make words.
Hint! Use one color for consonants and another color for vowels.
More! Reinforce word families and other phonics skills, such as adding a silent ā€œeā€ to the end of a word, with letter links.

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Phonics Fingers

Skills: phonics; word families; high frequency words
Materials: 3 pairs of white cotton gloves, red and blue permanent marker, index cards
Directions: Cut the fingers off the gloves near the base as shown. Write letters (lower case) on the fingers. Write the consonants in blue and the vowels in red. (Make duplicates of e, l, s, and t.) Print words on the index cards. Children insert the letters on their fingers to make the words.

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Rime Eggs

Skills: onsets and rimes; blending sounds
Materials: plastic eggs, permanent marker
Directions: Write onsets on one section of the eggs as shown. Write rimes on the other section. Children match eggs and turn around and blend the sounds to read the words.
More! Provide paper and pencils so children can write the words they make.

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