Razzle Dazzle Reading Centers-


Poetry Puzzles

Skills: visual matching; fluency
Materials: 2 copies of nursery rhymes, poems, or songs (large font), manila clasp envelopes, glue
Directions: Glue one copy of the poem to the outside of the envelope. Cut through lines of the second poem to make strips. Children take out the strips and put them in order; then they read over the poem.
More! Do a similar activity using a pocket chart.

Pocket Play

Skills: visual matching; letter recognition; fluency; alphabetical order
Materials: pocket chart, sentence strips, markers, pictures
Directions: Ask children to match up like pictures, upper and lowercase letters, pictures and beginning sounds, rhyming pictures, etc. in a pocket chart. Use the sentence strips to make the pieces for this activity similar to those below.
More! Write the words to poems and songs on the sentence strips. Cut between the words to make a puzzle. Children arrange the words in order and reread. Ask children to alphabetize classmates’ names or other words in the pocket chart. Use for matching numerals and number words, sequencing numbers, etc

Reverse Puzzles

Skills: letter recognition; antonyms
Materials: cardboard puzzles with frames, marker
Directions: Write lowercase letters on puzzle pieces and corresponding uppercase letters on the matching part of the frame. Children match letters to complete the puzzle.

Use puzzles for antonyms, math facts and answers, etc.

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