Razzle Dazzle Reading Centers-


Flannel Board File Folder

Skills: oral language; comprehension
Materials: file folder, felt square, flannel board story pieces, stapler, glue
Directions: Staple the sides of the file folder together to make a pocket. Glue a piece of felt to the front. Insert flannel board pieces in the pocket. Children can use for retelling stories or for creating their own stories.

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Story Tapes

Skills: listening comprehension
Materials: recorded stories, tape or CD player, books, paper, crayons, pencils
Directions: Invite children to listen to the stories as they follow along in books. Encourage recall by asking them to draw the characters, what they think will happen next, etc.

Phonics Phone

Skills: phonological awareness; fluency; invented spelling
Materials: two 1” pvc elbows, one section of pvc pipe cut 2 ½” long
Directions: Insert the two elbows in the end of the pvc pipe to make a phone. Children can hold it up to their ear as they rhyme words, blend sounds, or sound out words. They can also practice reading in the phone.

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