Razzle Dazzle Reading Centers-


Pick and Type

Skills: keyboard recognition; letters; high frequency words
Materials: sand pail, index cards, computer
Directions: Write letters on index cards. Place the cards in a sand pail. Children pull a card from the pail and then match it up with the key on the computer.
More! Write words on index cards for children to “pick” and “type.”

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Word Wall Whiz

Skills: high frequency words
Materials: flash light, pointers, flash cards
Directions: Children take the flashlight and shine it on words as they read them.
More! Children match up flash cards with words on the word wall. Children take a pointer and take turns reading words with a friend. Have children find word wall words in library books.

Sand and Water Letter Play

Skills: letters; words; numerals
Materials: sand table, magnet, magnetic letters, water table, ping pong balls, fish scoop
Directions: Put magnetic letters in a sand table and cover with sand. Children take a magnet and try to “find” letters. Children identify the letters or use them to make words.
More! Write letters or words on ping-pong balls with a permanent marker and float in a water table. Children try to scoop the balls up with the fishnet and identify the letters/words.

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