Razzle Dazzle Reading Centers-


Letters, Letters, Letters!

Skills: alphabet knowledge; phonics; words
Materials: letter stamps, stickers, stamp pad, letter tiles, alphabet blocks letter beads, sponge letters, dyed pasta letters
Directions: Let children stamp, stick, build, string, and create letters and words.
More! Dye pasta in the shape of alphabet letters with food coloring and rubbing alcohol. Children take a magnifying glass and tweezers and pick out letters in their name.

On the Road to Reading

Skills: high frequency words; sets; math facts
Materials: floor map (you can purchase this fabric at a fabric store), address labels, toy cars
Directions: Write high frequency words on address labels and attach to the floor map. Children take the cars and drive around the map and “read” the words.
More! Write numerals on labels and use a toy truck with math manipulatives. Children “deliver” the appropriate amount by each numeral.

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Can You Find?

Skills: visual discrimination; writing
Materials: plastic bottle, birdseed, small objects (eraser, coin, crayon, hair bow, paper clip, small pencil, button, small toys), paper, pencil
Directions: Children shake the bottle and see how many objects they can find.
More! Have them draw pictures or make a list of the objects they find.

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