Poems for Your Pocket! - Part 6

Daffodils, dandelions,
Lemon pie and jello;
Bananas, pears, and squash
All are colored yellow.

Have you seen a yellow car?
A yellow pair of shoes?
I know you’ve seen the yellow sun—
It shines for me and you!

Watermelon, apples, and tomatoes,
Strawberries, raspberries,
        new potatoes,

Spaghetti sauce, and sometimes
        a head of hair is red,
But don’t wear your spaghetti
        sauce on your head!

So many things are brown, you know,
The dirt that makes the flowers grow,
The deer, the chipmunks, and the buffalo.

Tree trunks are brown, and toasted buns,
Peanut butter, chocolate cake,
                                 yummy yum!
I think brown is so much fun!

Green grass,
Green trees,
Green pickles,
Green peas.

Green grows
And green makes
Green lizards,
Green snakes.

Green leaves
Pop out in the spring;
Green is such
A lovely thing!

Black is the night,
The dark night sky;
Black are the pupils
In your two eyes.

Some cats are black
And some dogs, too;
The words on this page
Are black, it’s true!

Blueberries and swimming pools are blue;
I’ve seen blue birds, and blue fish too.

Blue is the ocean, blue is the sky,
And some people have two bright blue eyes;

Dresses, shirts, and pants can be blue
Houses, bicycles, balls, and shoes.

Look all around you and then tell me
Everything blue that you can see

White, white, white,
My teeth when I smile;
White in the winter
When the snow goes on for miles.

White is my paper
Empty as a cup
Until I take my colors
One by one and fill it up!

Carrots and pumpkin pie
Sweet potatoes, oh my!

Orange is such a yummy
Color in my tummy.

When it rains the sky is gray
And we can’t go outside to play.

But not all gray things are sad:
Kittens can be gray, and that makes me glad!

A pig is pink, and so is a rose,
Cotton candy and a bunny’s nose.
My lips are pink, and yours are too;
There’s lots of things pink lips can do
Like talk and eat and kiss, kiss, kiss,
Then when it’s quiet, go like this:

Purple grapes-
Not purple apes!-
Grow on a vine
And taste so fine.

Purple plums-
Not purple thumbs!-
Are squish sweet
And fun to eat.

Purple pants-
Not purple ants!-
Do you have a pair
Of purple pants to wear?

Purple hats,
Purple cats,
Purple chair, purple hair-
Purple, purple everywhere!

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