Fluency Notebook Poetry
Pocket or Nursery Rhyme Book

Children will treasure having their own poetry notebooks and adding to them each week. Children will need to decorate a 3 ring notebook or pocket folder. Each week prepare copies of the class poem for the week for children. Increase the font size and double space between lines to accommodate the children’s visual needs. Here are some ways to use the poem during the week:

Monday Introduce the poem as a shared reading experience. Reread the poem several times.

Tuesday Give children individual copies of the poem. Let them illustrate the poem, hole punch it, and put it in their notebook. Hint! Do not put illustrations on these poems. Let the children use their imaginations and create their own pictures of what the poem means to them.

Wednesday Use the poem for skill work during your reading group. Find words that rhyme or begin the same. Highlight sight words, endings, parts of speech, punctuation, and so forth.

Thursday Children bring notebooks to circle time (shared reading) and practice reading this week’s poem and review previous poems.

Friday Children read poems independently or with a buddy.

Weekend Homework On Friday, let children take home their poetry songbooks. Ask children to read or sing the poem to someone in their family over the weekend. Encourage parents to sign their name and write their comments and compliments on each poem.

Poetry Cafe End your Fridays with “Poetry Café.” Children sit on the floor with their notebooks and take turns reading their favorite poems. *Children will get a kick out of snapping their fingers instead of clapping. (Apparently, that is what the Beat poets did at their poetry readings!)

Hot Chocolate To make your children really fall in LOVE with poetry, try this idea. Every child will need to bring a coffee mug and box of instant hot chocolate from home. On Friday afternoon they all get to drink hot chocolate from their mugs as you read poems!

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