Let’s Read It Again!

Fluency can be improved by repeated readings of a text. Reading poems will be a lot more fun with some of these strategies!

Choral Reading – First the teacher models reading the poem fluently and with expression. Then the children reread the poem 3 or 4 times with the teacher.

Echo Reading – The teacher reads each line, and the children “echo” the line after the teacher.

Take a Turn – The teacher reads a line, and then the children read a line. (You could also let one group of children read the first line, another group the second line, and so on.)

Popcorn - While reading stop and call out the word “Popcorn.” Whenever you say, “Popcorn,” the children must pick up reading where you left off.

Magic Word – Choose a magic word or phrase in the poem. Every time you come to that word or phrase children get to clap their hands, jump up, or make another movement.

Say What? When the children hear the teacher reading the poem the wrong way they respond, “Say what?” The children then read the poem the correct way.

Missing Word - Leave out a word or phrase and have the children fill it in.

Three Bears – Read the poem like papa bear with a deep voice, then like mama bear with a prissy voice, and finally baby bear with a squeaky voice. You can also read like granny bear by covering your teeth with your lips.

With Emotions – Read the poem happy, sad, mad, and scared. Chose the “tone” that works best for the poem.

Opera – Stretch out words dramatically as you sing them.

Rap – Clap, snap, or get a beat as you read.

Mouse – Use a whisper voice.

Monster – Read with a loud, gruff voice.

Underwater – Vibrate index finger in between your lips.

With a Cold – Hold your nose as you read.

Cowboy – Turn chair around and straddle it like a horse.

Backwards – Post poems on the back wall of the classroom. Children turn around “backwards” and read.

Pirate – “Arrrg” and talk out of the side of your mouth like a pirate!

Typewriter – Pretend to type as you move fingers from left to right. At the end of the line say, “Ding!” and pretend to return the carriage.

Martian Style – Place index fingers over your head like antennae and “beep” for each syllable. For example: “Beep, beep, beep….”

Rainbow – Open palms and place on the left side of your body. Curve up and over in an arch as you read each line. Sweep back to the left.

Pick and Read – Write different styles on index cards and place them in a sack. Invite children to pull a card and then read in that style.

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