Poems for Your Pocket! - Part 5

A straight line here,
A straight line there.
Draw two more
And you’ll get a square!

The shape of a window,
The shape of a box,
The shape of a picture frame
But not of a fox!

Make your lines even,
Make them straight,
And your square
Will turn out great!

Two lines short,
Two lines long,
Make your rectangle
Straight and strong.

Four sharp corners
Like the edge of a table
Now your rectangle
Is proud and able!

I see one in a the door,
And one in a book,
Rectangles are everywhere
Just take a look!

Round and round
Line the wheels on a car
Without the shape of circles
We’d not get very far!

Put your pencil on your paper
And slowly draw around
And a circle will appear
Without a sound.

Round like the earth,
Round like a cup
Round like your jacket buttons –
Better button up!

Just like a circle
But squashed on the sides
An oval is flat
And fat with pride.

Your two eyes are ovals,
And so is your face,
An Easter egg is oval-shaped
And wobbles all over the place!

Three straight lines
Meet end to end;
Three straight lines—
Don’t let them bend!

The edges are pointier
That rectangles’ or squares’
It’d hurt to bump into them
So better beware!

Pieces of pizza, slices of pie,
Sometimes cheese or cake
Come shaped like triangles
And that’s no mistake!

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