Poetry Pointers

Pointers help children track a line of print and focus their attention. Here are some pointers they will enjoy making and using in their poetry songbooks.

Give Me Five – Cut a small hand out of cardboard. Staple it to a straw and use the hand to “tap” words as you read them.

Eye Can! – Glue a wiggly eye to the end of a jumbo craft stick. Remind children to “keep their eye” on the words.

Magic Wand – Give each child a chopstick. Let him dip one end in glue, then dip it in glitter.

Witch’s Nail – These can be purchased around Halloween at a party supply store.

Bugle – You’ll capture children’s attention with a bag of Bugle corn chips. Show them how to put the chip on the end of their finger. After pointing to the words with the Bugle, they can eat it!

Pretzel Stick – Have children track words with a pretzel.

Bubble Wand - Bubble wands are fun for framing letters or words, letters, punctuation, etc.

Magnifying Glass – Bend a pipe cleaner to look like a magnifying glass and use it to find words or letters in the poem.

Novelty Pencils – Collect novelty pencils for children to use as pointers.

Sticker Pointer – Choose a sticker that relates to the poem (such as a star, heart, etc.) and attach it to the end of a craft stick.

Spoon Pointer – Let children decorate a wooden spoon and use it to track words.

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