Class Pointers --

These pointers can be used when you read poems with small or large groups. After you model how to use these, children will want to “play teacher” and read the poems over and over.

Sparkle Pointer – Cover a cardboard roller from a pants hanger with shiny paper or foil.

Teacher Pointer – Let children use a ruler or other prop that belongs to the teacher.

Monthly Pointer – Attach a different seasonal toy or small object to a wooden dowel each month to make a pointer.

Hand Pointer – Fill a cloth garden glove with cotton or fiber fill. (Be sure and draw on fingernails with a red marker!) Attach the glove to the end of a dowel or cardboard roller with a pipe cleaner. Glue around the edges. Bring down the middle finger, ring finger, and pinky and glue to the palm. Now glue the thumb over those fingers as shown.

Flashlight – Turn off the lights in the classroom and read poems with a fiashlight.

Fly Swatter – Cut a section from a plastic fly swatter and use it to frame words or letters in a poem.

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