Poems for Your Pocket! - Part 4

Here are some old poems I have collected over the years, plus some new ones written by my daughter, Dr. Holly. They can be used as the “poem of the week,” with poetry notebooks, or just kept in your pocket to give you a smile when you need one!

By Dr. Holly
Broccoli! Broccoli!
Shaped like little trees.
Piping hot with butter!
Piping hot with cheese!

Do you like it steamed
Or boiled or baked or fried?
I like it raw and crisp
With dressing on the side.

I like it in the summer,
Winter, fall, and spring
In tiny bits or great big chunks
Or somewhere in between.

Broccoli! Broccoli!
How I love it so!
I swallow it down bite by bite
And look – straight up I grow!

By Dr. Holly
Hello, jell-o!
Hi there, grizzly bear!
How are you, caribou?
I’m fine, porcupine!
What’s up, buttercup?
Not much, coconut!
Nice to see ya, tortilla!
Hi, hi, pumpkin pie!
How’ve you been, dolphin?
Feeling great, rattle snake.
What’s shakin’, little bacon?
Not a lot, tater tot!
Bonjour, dinosaur!
Good day, blue jay!
Howdy, brownie!
Hola, cola!
Welcome, bubble gum!
Come on in, my friend.
This is how the day begins!

Nobody loves me,
Everybody hates me.
Guess I’ll go eat worms.
Short, fat, squish ones,
Long, skinny, slimy ones,
See how they wiggle and squirm.

CANDY By Dr. Hollly
Lollipops and bubble gum,
Candy canes and sugar plums,
Lemon, grape, or sour cherry
Watermelon or pink strawberry,
Chocolate, orange, cinnamon—
I will eat them one by one!
On a stick or in a dish
Sugar sweet is what I wish!

Red light, red light,
What do you say?
I say, “Stop!”
And stop right away!

Yellow light, yellow light,
What do you mean?
I mean wait
Till the light turns green.

Green light, green light,
What do you say.
I say, “Go!”
But be careful all the way.

I love the playground—
I feel so free
To run around
Between the trees.

I can dance
And I can shout
I can prance
And jump about

I can swing
The whole long day.
My feet touch the sky—
Up, up, away!


Baa-baa black sheep shaved his hair

And went to school in his underwear!

Little Miss Muffet all prim and pink

Took a bath in the kitchen sink!

Jack and Jill bought safety hats

And joined the circus as acrobats!

Three blind mice ran up and down the clock

And all went home with holes in their socks!

Old Mother Hubbard was such a hog

That she ate everything except her dog!

Jack-Be-Nimble saw a rat

And jumped up and down like a scaredy cat!

Little Bo Peep saw Jack dance all around

And laughed so hard she fell right down!

Little Jack Horner ate pie until dawn

And went to bed with his tennis shoes on!

Hey-diddle-diddle, wasn’t that fun?

Silly nursery rhymes—can you think of one?

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