October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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Hush Little Children -

Change the words of "Hush, Little Baby" and quiet children as you sing:

        Hush, little children, don't say a word.
        Teacher's name's going to buy you a mocking bird.
        If that mocking bird won't sing,
        Teacher's going to buy you a diamond ring.
        If that diamond ring turns brass,
        Teacher name's going to buy you a looking glass.
        If that looking glass gets broke,
        Teacher 's going to buy you a billy goat.
        If that billy goat won't pull,
        Teacher's going to buy you a cart and bull.
        If that cart and bull turn over,
        Teacher's going to buy you a dog named Rover.
        If that dog named Rover won't bark,
        Teacher's going to buy you a horse and cart.
        If that horse and cart break down,
        You'll still be the sweetest children in town.

*Hint! Lower your voice as you sing until it is just a whisper.

You can make a real cool "accordion" book to go along with this song from a sentence strip. Fold the sentence strip into eighths, and then fold back and forth as shown. Have children recall the different objects in the song and draw them in sequential order.
Make similar fold out books to recall the animals in the "Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" or "The Napping House."

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