October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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     Katalina Jigsaw Puzzle
Click the picture to complete a Katalina jigsaw puzzle.

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Here are some great "tips" that other teachers have shared with me. Try them, adapt them, and add a little "treat" to your bag of "teacher tricks"! (If I had your name, I gave you credit. However, please forgive me if I forgot!)

Classroom Management

Hocus Pocus - Here's a great attention grabber! Make it an "indicator activity" by using it consistently when you want children to listen.

Teacher says: "Hocus Pocus!" (Stick out index finger and circle around like a magic wand.)
Children respond: "Everybody focus!" (Children make circles with fingers and thumbs and place around eyes like spectacles.)

Hint! You may have to do it several times until everyone is attending.
Katalina Matalina Acts of Kindness -
While visiting a school in Maryland, I saw several children wearing gold hearts. The teacher explained that when she saw students doing a kind act, she would let them wear "Katalina's heart of gold" for the rest of the day.
(If you don't know about Katalina Matalina, look at the words on the "Silly Songs" CD.)

Smart Children -

This might be one of the best ideas anybody ever gave me!
A teacher at a workshop, Cindy Conley, explained that whenever she wanted her children to do something, she would just say, "Smart children are name the desired behavior." For example, "Smart children are lined up at the door with their arms by their sides." I started trying it when I did concerts with children, and it really worked! (Nobody wants to be stupid!)
It's even effective at teacher workshops. "Smart teachers are writing these ideas down!" I love it!
Whisper Wednesday - One teacher told me every Wednesday was "whisper" day in her classroom. The children looked forward to whispering all day, and the teacher explained it just made the whole week calmer.
Don't Steal Their Glory - Do you have a child who interrupts when another child is trying to answer a question? One teacher explained that she just looks at the child interrupting and says, "Don't steal their glory." They get it!

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