October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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Letter Tree - What interest you will create in letters with a CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM tree after reading the book by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault!

You will need the following materials to make your own classroom "letter tree:"

large empty coffee can or vegetable can, brown or gold spray paint, felt (2 or 3 colors of green and a small piece of brown), magnetic strip, craft glue, magnetic letters.

First, spray paint the can gold or brown.

Next, cut out 9 palm fronds from felt. Glue the palms as shown and then cut out several coconuts from the brown felt and glue on top. Attach a magnetic strip to the bottom of the palms. Turn the can upside down and place the palms on top to create a tree.

Attach the magnetic letters to the side.

Children can place the letters in their name on the tree; attach the letters they can recognize; put up the letters that are all the same color; match upper and lowercase letters; make words, etc.

When they are finished playing with the tree, they simply turn the can over and place the palms and letters in the can.
Rereading the "Three Bears Style" - Studies on fluency emphasize the importance of reading a text 3 or 4 times. This can be a little boring for children if you don't add a little ZING! Try something like the "Three Bears" to make it more fun. First time read the text like "Papa Bear" with a deep voice. Second time read like "Mama Bear" with a prissy voice. Third time, read like "Baby Bear" with a high voice. You can also read grumpy style, happy, with a cold (hold your nose), rock and roll (play a guitar), hula (hands on hips and wiggle), etc. Encourage the children to come up with their own versions!

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