October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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Classroom Management

Stars and Audience - When children are selected to hold visuals, act out stories, or lead activities explain that they are the "stars." The other children are the "audience" and have the important job of listening and paying attention.

Name Ring - Write children's names on 8" sentence strips, punch a hole, and attach to a book ring. Use the ring to randomly call on children to answer questions, to line up, to do a special job, etc..

Jingle Bell Club - When children learn how to tie their shoes, attach a "jingle bell" on their laces and give them a membership card to the "Jingle Bell Club."

X-Cellent -
Here's a new cheer children will enjoy. When they do a good job, make fists with your hands, cross your arms in front of you to make an "X" and say, "Excellent"!

Planning Tubs -Talk about a great idea for organization! A teacher in Hendersonville, TN, shared that she has 5 tubs that she uses for planning. Each tub is labeled with a different day - "Monday," "Tuesday," etc. She puts daily lesson plans, worksheets, props, games, books, words to songs, and so forth in the tubs. Everything she will need for each day is in one convenient place. By doing this Friday afternoon, she's all set for the following week. (This would also be helpful for a sub!)

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