October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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Left and Right -

Help children learn their left and right hand with this song to the tune of "Up On the Housetop."

        Here is my right hand reach up high. (Right hand in air.)
        Here is my left hand, touch the sky. (Left hand in air.)
        Right and left. (Hold up right hand, then left.)
        Roll out of sight. (Roll hands around.)
        Now I know my left and right! (Hold up left, then right.)

Tall, Middle, Tail -

Have children put their arms in the air for tall letters that start at the top dotted line.

Hands on their waist for letters that start at the middle dotted line.

Touch the ground for letters with a "tail" that go below the line.

After singing the alphabet song several times this way, have them make a brochure by folding a sheet of paper into thirds.

Have them sort the letters by writing the "tall" letters in the first section, the "middle" letters in the middle section, and the "tail" letters in the third section.

Rest and Doodle - Kathy Lickenbrock of Belleville, IL, said that every day after lunch she played quiet music for her children and allowed them to "rest and doodle." If they needed a little nap, they could put their head down. If they weren't sleepy, they could draw pictures and "doodle" on a sheet of paper. What a clever way to give children a little quiet time and encourage small motor skills!

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