October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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Candy Wrapper Book - Oh, my, won't your children LOVE to read this book! Have them bring in the wrapper from their favorite candy.

Ask them to glue it to a sheet of paper and use a predictable sentence, such as "Child's name likes name of candy." Put their pages together to make a class book.

(Obviously, this would work really well the week after Halloween!)

Who Let the Letters Out? - Take a little stuffed dog and glue a small magnet to the nose. Place different magnetic letters on the dog's nose as you say, "Who let the 'F' out? /f/ /f / /f/ /f/ /f/." (Jan Hurly and Patti Daily of Lockhart, TX, came up with this idea using one of MacDonald's Happy Meal toys.)


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