October 2004

No Tricks, Just "Treats"

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Word Families -

Here's a catchy song you can use to reinforce word families. It's sung to the tune of "BINGO."

There is a family that we know and "ook" is it's name-o.
B-o-o-k, book; h-o-o-k, hook; l-o-o-k, look.
They end in "ook" you know.

There is a family that we know and "ap" is it's name-o.
C-a-p, cap; t-a-p, tap; m-a-p, map.
They end in "ap" you know.

Continue singing other rhymes.

Hint! Write the words on the board or make a book to go along with the song.


Sing Loud!

As I travel across the country, I repeatedly meet stressed teachers who say, "We are working as hard as we can. Our children are doing the best they can!"

Somehow you need to balance all that work with a little PLAY! That's why many teachers are discovering the secret of singing 5 minutes at the beginning and five minutes at the end of each day.

Shut your door, sing loud, and see what a difference it can make!

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