January 2009



Tell and Draw Story
Materials: chalk board and chalk, large paper and marker, or overhead and marker
Letter Monster
Directions: Tell the story from the downloaded page as you draw the different features on the board.

Click on the Downloads button in the menu to the left to get your own copy of the Bingo story.

       One day my dog Bingo ran away.
       I went to the park to see if I could find him.

       When I got to the park I accidentally
       stepped in a pile of bumblebees.
       The bees swarmed all around me.

       I wanted to get away from the bees
       so I jumped in a pond of water.

       I still needed to find Bingo, so I ran
       to the top of a tall hill.

       When I got to the top of the hill
       I saw two doors with two doorknobs.

       I knocked on the doors, but nobody was there.

       I ran down one side of the hill.

       Then I ran down the other side of the hill.

       Has anybody seen my dog Bingo?

       Adaptations: Have the children repeat the story with you as they draw their own dog.

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