January 2009



Letter Monster
File Folder Story
Materials: file folder, markers, scissors, white paper
Letter Monster
Directions: Cut the monster pattern on the downloaded page out of the front of a file folder. Insert paper in the file folder, and write the highlighted letters in his tummy. Glue the story to the back of the file folder, removing one sheet of paper at a time as you tell the story to the children.

Click on the Downloads button in the menu to the left to get your own copy of the Letter Monster pattern.

       Letter Monster wanted to read.
       He thought if he ate letters, it was all he would need!

       On Monday he ate a b c.
       “Mmmm they taste so good to me.”

       On Tuesday he chomped d e f g.
       “Eating letters is fun as can be.”

       On Wednesday he nibbled on h i j k.
       “More letters, more letters, is what I say!”

       On Thursday he feasted on l m n o.
       “Letters are so good you know.”

       On Friday he swallowed q r s t u.
       “I think letters are good for you.”

       On Saturday he gobbled v w x and y.
       “I’m almost finished,” he said with a sigh.

       On Sunday he slowly ate the z.
       Then he fell asleep and caught some ZZZZZ’s!

       Adaptations:      Now, let’s play Letter Monster’s game.
                                   How many letters can you name?
                                   (Randomly write letters for children to identify.)

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