January 2009


Three Boppin' Bears Story House

Materials: paper grocery sack markers or crayons, scissors, tape, stapler craft sticks
Three Bears House
Directions: Color and cut out the three bears and Goldilocks from the following page. Attach them to craft sticks to make puppets.

Fold back the corners on the back of the sack as shown and tape to make the roof of the story house. Staple the bottom flap of the sack on the sides to make a pocket in which to store the puppets. Turn the sack over and decorate to look like a house.

Let the children use the puppets to retell the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” or teach them the chant below:

Encourage the children to make their own facial expressions as the story is told. Click on the Downloads button in the menu to the left to get your own copy of the Happy Face Feelings pattern.


Once upon a time in the middle of the woods        (Snap fingers and slap thighs
lived the three bears. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!                        to the beat.)
One was the papa bear, one was the mama bear,
and one was the wee bear. Yeah! Yeah!
They went to take a walk in the big woods.
Along came the girl with the golden curls.             (Make curls with fingers.)
Her name was Goldilocks,
and upon the door she knocked,                            (Pretend to knock on door.)
but no one was there. Yeah! Yeah!
So she walked right in and
had herself a bowl of porridge.
She didn’t care!                                                        (Shake head, “No.”)
Home, home, home came the three bears.
“Someone’s been eating my porridge,”
said the papa bear. Yeah! Yeah!
“Someone’s been eating my porridge,”
said the mama bear. Yeah! Yeah!
“Ba ba ba re bear,” said the little wee bear.
“Someone’s been eating my soup – OOO!”          (Throw arms up in the air.)
Just then Goldie woke up – AAA!
She broke up the party, and she beat it out of there!
“Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye,” said the papa bear.          (Wave.)
“Bye, bye, bye,” said the mama bear.                                    (Wave.)
“Ba ba ba re bear,” said the little wee bear.                           (Wave.)
So ends the story of the three bears!

Adaptations: Let children make their own story houses and puppets to retell other fairy tales or original stories.

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