January 2009


Happy Face Feelings Story

(Adapted from Bill Martin’s BROWN BEAR Story)

Materials: poster board, markers, craft sticks, foil
Happy Face Puppets
Directions: Cut 3” circles out of the poster board and draw the different feelings mentioned in the story. (You can also download the puppets.) Attach to craft sticks to make puppets. Pass these out to the children to hold up at the appropriate place in the story.

Encourage the children to make their own facial expressions as the story is told. Click on the Downloads button in the menu to the left to get your own copy of the Happy Face Feelings pattern.

Happy face, happy face, what do you see?

I see a sad face looking at me.

Sad face, sad face, what do you see?

I see an angry face looking at me.

Angry face, angry face, what do you see?

I see a scared face looking at me.

Scared face, scared face, what do you see?

I see a sleepy face looking at me.

Sleepy face, sleepy face, what do you wee?

I see a surprised face looking at me.

Surprised face, surprised face, what do you see?

I see all my friends looking at me!
  • Encourage the children to talk about what causes these different feelings. Role play various situations and have children act out what they should do if they are angry, scared, etc.
  • Make a class book about feelings.

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