January 2009


Flannel Boards
Flannel boards are a great tool for telling stories, but they can also be used for math, reading, social studies, or science. After you have modeled some of the stories with a flannel board you can put it in your classroom library for children to practice retelling the story. Here are some simple flannel boards that you can make for your classroom.


Glue felt on the inside lid of a school box or cigar box. Store puppets for stories and songs right in the box. Adaptations: You can also use a pizza box.


Wrap felt or flannel around a fabric bolt and glue in place.


Cover a section of a bulletin board with felt. Staple colorful fabric to the top and then drape on the sides to make stage curtains.


Cover the front or sides of a desk or shelf with felt. Use Velcro strips or staples to attach it. Change colors of felt to match themes or seasons.


Glue felt or flannel to an old board game. It’s easy to fold up and store.


Make an apron out of felt or glue felt to a carpenter’s apron. (Try to use an apron with pockets for story felt pieces and puppets.)


Sew the left side of 4 or 5 sheets of felt together as shown. Children can add felt pieces and make up original stories.


Story pieces: Cut figures out of felt. Add details with wiggly eyes, yarn and felt scraps. Make sure you use craft glue or a glue gun rather than school glue.

You can also cut paper figures from books, magazines, children’s drawings, or photos. Back with felt or a piece of Velcro.

Transfer color images from your computer onto T-shirt transfer paper. Iron on white felt, then cut around the shapes.

Hint! Either felt or flannel can be used for these projects. Attach a piece of Velcro (loop side) to the back of felt pieces and they will stick better.

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