January 2009


Pumpkin House
Pumpkin Paper Cut Story

Materials: orange paper, scissors

Directions: Place the orange paper and scissors in your lap. As you tell the story below, cut out the different parts with the scissors as indicated. At end of the story, the children will be delighted with the pumpkin house!

You can also tear out the paper with your fingers.

      Once there was a little old lady who lived in a funny orange house near name of your school. Her house was shaped like half a circle with the chimney at the bottom.

      This little lady had a cat named child’s name in your room. This cat had a long, curved tail, so the old lady had a special door cut just for the cat’s tail.

      The little lady always wore a pointed hat. She had a special door built for herself, too, so her hat would not fall off every time she went in and out the door.

      The little lady had two pet birds. Their names were child’s name and child’s name. She had a window cut just for them so they could fly in and out and in and out.

      It was getting close to Halloween, so all the children in teacher’s name classroom went to her house and knocked on her door. The little lady came to the door and said, “Close your eyes.”

      SURPRISE! It’s a jack-o-lantern!

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