35) Paper Plates Rule

If you’ve been to my workshops, you know I often use paper plates instead of flashcards. I do it because paper plates are cheap and durable, but someone recently reinforced this idea. She said she learned in a brain workshop that round is better because it focuses the eyes on the information in the middle, rather than the sharp points at the edges. You learn something new every day, don’t you? (Click photo for larger image.)

36) Classroom Mystery

Encourage your students to problem solve and take responsibility with this idea. When there is a problem in your room (such as a center not cleaned up, trash on the floor, etc.) simply say, “Mmmmm? We have a mystery in our classroom. I wonder who can help us solve it?”

37) Kiss Your Brain! Pointer

Cut a pair of lips out of paper and cut a hole out of the center as shown. Children can use this to focus on words, letters, etc. They can also use it to kiss their brains! (Click photo for larger image.)

38) My Mother Is a Baker Book

Thanks once again to Sandy Elsasser for making this book that goes with “My Mother Is a Baker.” Click here to download this book. (Word format, 265 K)

Note!  Several people have emailed to say that some of the letters and numerals in books they download from my website are incorrect.  Try as we might, it is often difficult to find graphics that match the way we teach children to write.  Please feel free to change them yourself or let us know where we can find appropriate ones to use.  Thanks!