Activity Cards 1 - 4

Spy and Rhyme

This game is similar to “I Spy.” One person is “it.” “It” thinks of a word, then gives a clue by saying a word that it rhymes with.

For example: “This is a word that rhymes with coat and it lives on a farm.”

“This is a word that rhymes with moon and is something you eat with.”

Acrostic Poem

Have children write the letters in a word vertically and then think of a word/sentence for each letter.

Hint! Use children’s names, seasonal words, themes, etc.

For younger children, do this on a language experience chart as an interactive writing activity.

For example:

F – football
A – autumn
L – leaves
L – lots of fun


You can use vocabulary words, children’s names, seasonal words, etc. for this game. 

Write a word on the chalkboard.  Give the students 2 or 3 minutes to make all the words they can think of from the letters on the board.

Hint!  For younger children, do this as a group activity.

For example:  “winter”

         win       in         tin          

        wet        I         twine    

        rent     went    net

Name Games

Use children’s names when you have a few minutes to reinforce phonological awareness.

  • Syllables - Clap out each child’s name to determine the number of syllables.
  • Letters - Count the letters in each child’s name. Who has the most? Least?
  • Alliteration - Think of an adjective that begins with the first letter in each child’s name. For example: Kind Kara, Funny Frank, Awesome Al, etc.
  • Rhymes - Change the first letter of children’s names to make silly rhymes. For example: Jamey – Wamey, Pablo – Wablo, Jenny – Penny, etc.
  • Sound Alike - Whose first names begin with the same sound? Whose last names begin the same?
  • Initials - What are your initials?
  • Name Change - If you could change your name, what would you like to be called?

Download these activity cards:

Spy/Acrostic and Scramble/Name Game