27) Can You Guess My Word?

Pick a vocabulary word or word off the word wall. Write blanks on the board for the number of letters in the word. Children call out letters and you fill in the blanks. Let the first child to figure out the word be line leader or choose another special job.

28) Mirror! Mirror!

Put a mirror in your classroom library so children can practice reading to themselves.

29) Letter Box

Reinforce letters and sign language by singing them to the tune of “I Wish I Had a Little Red Box.”
I wish I had a letter box to put my “D” in.
I’d take it out (make “d” in sign language”)
And go /d/ /d/ /d/
And put it back again.

(Click photo for larger image.)

30) See What You Can Find Out!

When starting a new unit, select several books from the library on the topic. Divide children into small groups and give each group a book. Give them several minutes to look at the book and “see what they can find out.” Go around to each group and have them report what they have learned. Have groups trade books and see what else they can find out.