Activity Cards 9 - 12

Let's Go Shopping!

Give children store flyers, catalogs, or newspapers.

  • Can you find something you would like to buy?
  • Can you find something that costs less than $1.00? $10.00?
  • What is the least expensive item?
  • Can you find something that costs more than $100?
  • What is the most expensive item?
  • What is something you NEED? WANT?
  • What would you like to buy for your mother? Teacher? Friend?

The Price Is Right!

You will need a school catalog or toy catalog. Select different items and cover up the price with a sticky note. Let children guess the price. Say, “high,” or “low” to help them narrow their estimation.

Let children play a version of this game with a friend using a flyer from a discount store or toy store.

Mousie, Mousie

This is a great game to calm children or entertain them for a few minutes. I use a small toy mouse, but any toy will do. Hold the mouse in your hand as you say:

     Mousie, mousie, how quiet can you be?
     When I clap my hands, 1-2-3,
     We shall see!

Clap your hands 3 times, and then pass the mouse to a child who is sitting quietly. That child takes the mouse and walks around the room and passes it to another quiet friend. The game continues as children pass the mouse to quiet friends.

Silent Ball

You will need a small, soft ball for this game. Explain that the object of the game is to see how many times you can toss the ball without talking. Look at the person you are throwing the ball to so that person will be ready. Silently count how many times you can throw the ball without talking or dropping it. If someone talks or drops the ball, then the game begins all over again.

Hint! Wad up a scrap piece of paper and use it in lieu of a ball.

Download these activity cards:

Let's Go/Price and Mousie/Silent Ball