7) Presents

Next time you go to a conference and buy a new book, CD, or game for your class, wrap it up like a present. Children can guess what is inside and then open it. It will make the new learning tool more meaningful, especially for children who never have had anyone bring them a gift.

8) Web Picks

Here are some websites you might enjoy visiting: technospud.com
(fantastic brain breaks!) kindergarten4thearts.com

9) Testing: Do Not Disturb

One teacher told me she made a sign that said “Testing! Do Not Disturb” and put it on her door when she didn’t want any visitors to see how much fun her class was having. Another teacher told me she wrote: “Disturbed! Do Not Test!” and put it on her door! (Click photo for larger image.)

10) Count in Sign

To reinforce counting, teach children how to count in sign language. Also use signs for “plus”, “minus,” and “equal” when practicing math facts.