31) The Best Card of All

This flip book is a card that you might enjoy for the holidays. Fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. That's a hotdog fold. Next, fold it in half again. That's a hamburger fold. Finally, fold it one more time. That's a juice box fold. Open and cut half way down on the folded lines as shown. Fold in half and write the following on each section:
1st - Some gifts are large.
2nd - Some gifts are small.
3rd - Some gifts are round.
4th - Some gifts are tall.
Open and on the inside write "But a gift from the heart is the best gift of all!" Let children draw their picture or use a photo on this page. (Click photo for larger image.)

32) Hello! Good-Bye!

Divide a poster board into fourths. Draw a hand in one section, a smile in one, a heart, and the number 5 as shown. Use for a ritual to start or end your day. Each child stands on the section for how she would like to be greeted. For example, if she stands on the hand - shake her hand. If she stands on the smile, simply smile at her. The 5 means she wants a "high five." The heart means she would like a hug. (Click photo for larger image.)

33) No Homework Tonight!

Here's a clever incentive a teacher told me she uses. She made up coupons that say "No Homework Tonight. You may stay up ten extra minutes and read to your parents." WOW! (That's like Tom Sawyer "letting" his friends help him paint the picket fence!)

34) Tooty Ta Day

A teacher in Gastonia, NC, told me that she has a "Tooty Ta" day every year. The children lay on butcher paper with their knees together as the teacher traces their bodies. Children then add detail of how they look doing the "Tooty Ta." They invite an upper grade class and "teach" them how to do the dance and then they all enjoy "Tooty Ta" cupcakes. (Cupcakes with "thumbs up" in icing.)

Jamie Hartman suggested this adaptation of "Tooty Ta" to help children cut with scissors:
Open-shut, open-shut, open-shut-shut.
Open-shut, open-shut, open-shut-shut.
Thumbs up, elbows in,
Time to cut...
Repeat with "hold the paper" or "turn the paper" instead of "time to cut".