Jump! - Have children stand. Tell them to jump as long as they can. When they get tired they can sit back in their seats.

Hint! Have children look at the second hand on the clock to see how long they can jump. Record the seconds. Each day practice “jumping” and have them record how their time improves.

Wave - Do the WAVE! Children stand, wave their arms in the air, and then sit down as you go around the room and point to them.

Spider Massage - Find a partner and do the spider massage on their back as you sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Next, stand beside your partner and put your inside arms around each other’s waist. Cooperate as you use the outside arms to make the motions for the song.

Sing, Dance, Move! - Sing and move to “The Cool Bear Hunt,” “Tooty Ta,” “Mother Goony Bird,” “The Button Factory” or many of the songs you’ll find posted with the words to my CDs on the website.