My Pets
By Dr. Holly

        My kitty’s name is Myrtle.
        She isn’t very big.
        She’s taller than my turtle
        But shorter than my pig.

        I also have a frog
        I found outside my house,
        A hamster and a dog
        And a tiny pink-nosed mouse.

        My jellyfish is slimy,
        My monster has long hair.
        My porcupine is spiny-
        She cuddles with my bear.

        They sleep in bed with me,
        Every single one-
        The whole menagerie.
        I know it sounds like fun,

        But the problem is, you see,
        That in my little bed
        There is no room for me.
        I sleep on the floor instead!

Activities: After reading this poem several times, let each child take a different verse and illustrate it. Add the appropriate words to each page and put them together to make a class book.

Have children draw a picture of what their bed looks like at night when they go to sleep.              

        Playing Outside    
        By Dr. Holly

        My favorite time is playing outside.
        The grass is green and the sky is wide.

        I jump like a frog jumps all around
        And feel my feet land on the ground.

        I run like a racehorse super fast
        As the trees and clouds and people whiz past.

        I reach my hands up oh so high
        And flap my arms like a bird in the sky.

        Then I skip like a rabbit-hip, hip, hop!
        Up in the air and down I drop.

        Sometimes my friends come out to play-
        Those are my very favorite days-

        We play games like hide and seek.
        I wish that we could play all week!

Activities: Let children act out the different animals in the poem. Make a class book called “Playing Outside” where each child contributes a picture and story of what they like to do best.

Playing Outside

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